Are your products handmade?

Yes, all our creations start in the hands of the artist Ari Saso. After she has painted them, some products need to be finished  by other suppliers, like the notebooks. 

Are your products sustainable?

Yes. We make sure that all the process is sustainable. All our packaging and products are plastic free. We like to take care of the planet, while we make this world a beautiful place.

Where are your products made?

Most of them are created in the studio of Ari. There are products like the Limited Edition prints that are printed in Spain from the original artwork. All our suppliers are from Spain, we like to support local business.

What does it mean Limited Edition Print?

We make a limited number of reproductions of the original artwork. Each one is numbered and signed. Once these prints are sold out we will not restock them.

How is the Moon Calendar created?

Each moon is painted by Ari in watercolor and then digitized to design the Calendar according to the moon phases of each year.

If I order more than one product are they packed together or separately?

We know some pieces might be a gift so don’t worry, we pack all of them separately. 

Do you do commission work?

Yes, If you want a piece unique Ari can make it just for you. 

Do you collaborate with brands?

Yes, we love to inspire and be inspired, it is a win win. We set no limits for art, our creations can be transformed into anything we believe in. If you are a brand and want to bring art to your products, we would love to hear from you.

For any other questions, let us know via hello@arisaso.com