Ari Saso was founded by Ariadna Sala Soler, artist, creative director and yoga teacher based in Barcelona. Ariadna worked as Art Director in advertising agencies until her desire to create freely and contribute to the beauty of the world made her start a new journey.

Ari Saso is born from a spiritual approach through art to capture the beauty of the essential and empower you to live from the soul.

Ari finds inspiration traveling in her van and enjoying the simplicity of this lifestyle. A flower dancing to the rhythm of the wind or the last ray of light swallowed by the darkness are the sparks of life that inspire her. Each creation begins with a brush in her hand, until it reaches its final destination: A collection of unique pieces and accessories for the soul.

Handmade and sustainable. Joyful and pure. Beautiful and timeless.

Fusing her passion for yoga and her artistic concerns, Ari Saso was born to give light to your days.


Ari's creative process begins with learnings, emotions, experiences and places that transform into a symbiosis between colors, organic shapes and textures. She channels her own energy into unique pieces that evoke mutability, balance and minimalism.

Ari paints intuitively, paying full attention to each stroke to witness that impermanence, since the color is submerged into water, until it slides across the paper to come to life. Her pieces are built from a place of freedom and truth. Each stroke is a dance between giving and receiving, between change and stability, between light and shadow.

As in life itself, painting is appreciating what is to come, choosing what is in your hands and letting the rest surprise you.

It is a process of liberation, a colorful journey for the soul.🦋

Discover her last creations made with love, for you.